How Therapy Works

Those choosing to be involved in the therapeutic process will discuss the details of therapy with their therapist as space limits our ability to fully discuss the therapeutic process on a website. Because we view therapy as a healing endeavour, committing to complete the process that you and your therapist agree upon is the best possible scenario. Should you chose to stop therapy when it is partially completed, you may experience less than optimal results. You may however discontinue therapy at any time you chose with no further obligation.Your therapist will discuss length of therapy with you during the initial session and will reevaluate with you regularly the need to continue or discontinue therapy. We operate using an eclectic style of therapy with a heavy emphasis on systems theory.
Therapy may be entirely one-on-one. If you are married, your spouse and/or children may sometimes be invited to become involved in the sessions. In some counseling situations we may utilize a co-therapist. In some unique situations it may be necessary to refer you to another therapist. Parents may be invited into a session with a child if the therapist deems necessary. Your therapist will work with you to determine the most effective way to address the problems that have brought you here.

Therapists like any working professionals take time to vacation and spend time with their families throughout the year.  We will provide you with notice of any upcoming pauses in therapy and offer you referrals if you so desire.

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